A true story of Thanksgiving for free on Kindle right now

This is a true story of Thanksgiving for 11 heroes aboard the Daisy Mae on its last flight in 1943. Read today on free Kindle Apps and on any computer or smartphone.

The Daisy Mae is the hero on the sand on July 24, 1943
The Daisy Mae as she miraculously stopped just short of the shark infested waters. Marines and sailors are counting more than 800 bullet and cannon holes. This is the Eastern Island of Midway on July 24,1943

This is a book about heroism and hope at 17,000 feet. You will find that the heroism and hope was paid forward by these 11 brave men representing thousands of descendants who have never read or heard the story. The book is based on a true story of a little publicized bombing mission over Wake Island on July 24, 1943 during the darkest hours of World War II.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving with the 11 brave heroes and their descendants…

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