Fran’s home in the sky

The B-24 Ball Turret

The following video shows you SSGT Fran Perkins’ home in the sky, the B-24 Ball Turret. He was only 5’2 inches tall and about 118 pounds, and it was still a tight fit flying and fighting in the ball turret. Sitting between two powerful fifty caliber machine-guns, ball turret gunners needed to be strong, agile, and they needed perfect three dimensional eyesight. The video is from a perfectly restored B-24, the “J” version, which was a slightly newer model than the “D” version flown by Fran Perkins back in the Spring and Summer of 1943, during the missions of the Daisy Mae…


Read the Last Flight of the Daisy Mae by Wayne Perkins

“Never underestimate the power of hope.” Navigator Lt. Benjamin I. Weiss, the Daisy Mae on July 24th, 1943


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