Flexible Gunnery School in 1943

Flexible Gunnery School in 1943

Today you get a view of Flexible Gunnery School in 1943 during World War II. The twenty minute video shows you many of the classes the gunners took during World War II in order to qualify to fight in the Pacific Front on B-24 Liberator Bombers. Earl Conley was the Rear Gunner (Rear Turret Gunner) on the Daisy Mae. This video depicts what Earl Conley, Arvid Ambur, Fran Perkins, Robert Patterson, Thomas Wyckoff and Robert Storts, went through during their training before being assigned their first ship, Thumper during the War. ..

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The Bombardier, Lt. Myron Jensen also had to go to school and qualify as a gunner on the B-24, as the Bombardiers were actually the official Armament Officer on board the ship. Lt. Myron Jensen fought beside his non-commissioned brothers during the Last Flight of the Daisy Mae.

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