Allied Veterans Receive Thanks from Andre Rieu

In Chapter 17 of the Last Flight of the Daisy Mae: A Story of Heroism and Hope at 17,000 Feet, I tell the story of two Dutch airmen, who were trained by my Dad, Francis J. Perkins Jr. after he was wounded on his last mission in the Central Pacific in 1943.

Dutch airmen were sent to gunnery school in Jackson and Fran Perkins took young Ferdi and Van Geehm under his wing.

I wish Ferdi and Van Geehm were still alive to have participated in Andre’s concert for the Allied Veterans.

Also, I hope you enjoy the short series of videos, by Andre Rieu. Andre  hosting 3000 Veterans in the Netherlands to celebrate the liberation by allied forces in 1944. Little is told in America about the appreciation held by many who were not even born yet in the German occupied, Netherlands from 1940 to 1945.


Next Andre features an American who helped liberate his city from the Germans in 1944. Also you will view a collection of restored World War II vehicles that Andre’s son is working on. “Lest We Forget.”


Clip 3 by Andre Rieu includes a tribute of the Andrews Sisters Music that helped inspire Allied troops during World War II. Andre’ orchestra plays by Dad’s favorite, “The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B.”

Clip 4
Andre meets with 99 year old Dame Vera Lynn at her home in England. Her music inspired so many Allied troops during World War II. Also is a tribute to Glenn Miller who lost his life during World War II while flying to entertain the troops.

Clip 5
Andre Rieu caps his dedication for the Allied Veterans with “Amazing Grace.”

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