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Soldiers of the Soil from World War II

Soldiers of the Soil…The Life of a Farmer During World War II


Farmers played a huge role in winning World War II. They had to feed America and they alone were responsible for feeding the World when the War ended.

This short movie produced by DuPont gives you the idea of the challenges farm families had to overcome to bring us to victory…

Click here to watch the movie and learn about the importance of farming.

Heroes working on farms during World War II

Farm Boy and Farm Girl Heroes from Northern Illinois in World War II

In Chapter 3, of my new book The Last Flight of the Daisy Mae,  I point out that the eleven handsome fly boys in their B-24 were only a small part of a united team at home. Chapter 3 takes place in Northern Illinois and the following thirty minute movie shows you the farmers and their crucial work, not only feeding the country but also feeding the world.

You witness how these brave men, women, and children adapt to the conditions and do remarkable work. This video takes place on farms familiar to me and my family in Northern Illinois…

Click here now to see the video.

Click here to read the Last Flight of the Daisy Mae by Wayne F Perkins