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Happy Birthday Arvid Ambur December 26

Daisy Mae Crewman Arvid B. Ambur
Technical Sergeant Arvid B. Ambur one of the 11 heroes of the Last Flight of the Daisy Mae

The US Census of 1938 referred to Arvid Ambur as a “Farm Boy.” Arvid was so much more. As a flight engineer serving under Lt. Joseph Gall, he helped save the ship and crew of the Daisy Mae on a bombing mission over Wake Island, and then the dangerous return trip to Midway on July 24, 1943.

On November 19, 1943, Arvid flew with Pilot Joe Gall again on a B-24 Bomber called Hit Parade. Three men were wounded and Arvid, ignoring his own shrapnel wound, sewed the Navigator, Lt. Ben Weiss’s hand back on his wrist, and attended to Top Turret Thomas Wyckoff’s wounds, before attending to his own. This bombing mission took place over Betio Island to kick off the Marine landing on Tarawa the following day.

Arvid was the “last man standing” from the Last Flight of the Daisy Mae,

Arvid was a true living legend who quietly and efficiently served his country during World War II. He will always be remembered by his huge family and friends who all loved him so dearly.