The Back Story of the Last Flight of the Daisy Mae

The story of the Last Flight of the Daisy Mae begins in Chicago, Illinois on a cold winter day. Fran Perkins who will be turning ¬†eighteen years old in ten days is looking forward to spending this evening with his new girlfriend, Elaine Birmingham and having dinner at her mother and father’s home in Evergreen Park located in South Suburban Chicago, Illinois.

Elaine Birmingham’s home on December 7, 1941

Fran’s older brothers Jim and Bob are looking forward to going Christmas shopping in downtown Chicago but a news broadcast halts their plans. Fran’s Dad who fought in World War I, turns on the radio and all hear the broadcast by President Roosevelt that Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese.

Today is Sunday, December 7, 1941. Fran and his two older brothers are cast into World War II.

Young Fran will meet later in the day with Elaine and the Birmingham family and will receive his first lesson about heroism and hope.

Spend time on the website and make sure you read The Last Flight of the Daisy Mae. It is a true story that will stay with you a long time. This is a story that began on December 7, 1941 and is a story of true heroism and hope during World War II. This heroism will define the young men and affect their descendants through the rest of their lives.

Wayne Francis Perkins, Author




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