Meet the Crew of the Daisy Mae

Meet the Crew of the Daisy Mae

Here is a list of the flight crew of the Daisy Mae, B-24D Liberator Bomber on July 24, 1943:

  • 1st Lt. Joseph A. Gall, Pilot
  • Flight Officer John N. Van Horn, Co-Pilot
  • 2nd Lt. Benjamin I. Weiss, Navigator
  • 2nd Lt. Myron W. Jensen, Bombardier
  • S.Sgt. Arvid B Ambur, Flight Engineer and Waist Gunner
  • TSgt Thomas Wyckoff, Assistant Engineer and Top Turret Gunner*
  • S.Sgt. Robert L. Patterson, Radioman and Waist Gunner
  • S.Sgt. Francis J. Perkins Jr. Armorer, Assistant Radioman, and Ball Turret Gunner
  • S. Sgt. Robert B. “Snuffy” Storts, Nose Gunner
  • S. Sgt. Earl W. Conley, Tail Gunner
  • Sgt. Joseph “Pop” Evans, Aerial Photographer**


*TSgt Thomas Wyckoff replaced Sgt George Hutmann. If anyone has any information about George Hutmann who was assigned on Lt. Gall’s first crew back in January of 1943, please send me information. I would like to honor him as well.

**Sgt Joseph “Pop” Evans was an Aerial Photographer assigned to the Daisy Mae for the mission of July 24,1943. Photographers were usually assigned to just the first two or three bombers in formation. Sgt Evans was not a regular member of the crew but he acted as one on that infamous day.

Jump on board and read the Last Flight of the Daisy Mae, today…



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