Images from the Book

Enjoy the Images from book, the Last Flight of the Daisy Mae

I hope you enjoy the images from the book, the Last Flight of the Daisy Mae: A Story of Heroism and Hope at 17,000 Feet. There are stories about each image that ended up on my cutting room floor. Soon I will be telling you those stories in a new feature called “Author Talk.”

Please enjoy the men and their stories of World War II.

Chapter 1: Heroism and Hope

Birmingham Home in 1941
Birmingham Home in 1941
Clarence, Fran and Ferdi's lucky charm...
Clarence, Fran and Ferdi’s lucky charm…

Chapter 2:  Molly and Her Lib

B-24-design team
The Design Team for the B-24 Bomber

Consolidated B-24 Liberator

B-24 Liberator
B-24 Liberator


Chapter 3: The Farm Boy


Poster encouraging farmers to increase food production for the war effort.  (Image courtesy of the National Archives)
Poster encouraging farmers to increase food production for the war effort.  (Image courtesy of the National Archives)

K-Ration Dinner in 1942

KRationDinner copy


Chapter 4: Advanced Airmen Training


"Oer the Ramparts We March"
“Oer the Ramparts We March”

Chapter 5: Armorer School Training


"Look at the Ducks!"
Top Turret Training at Flexible Gunnery School

Chapter 6: Water Conley, Water!


Fran’s girlfriend, Lady Elaine Birmingham

Chapter 8: Meet the Daisy Mae…


Canton Island aka Kanton Island
Canton Island always reminded Fran of his favorite food…Pork Chops

Kilroy was here. Famous Graffiti from WWII

The most famous drawing of WWII
Kilroy was here, was a familiar drawing found on all fronts during WWII


Chapter 9: Missions of the Daisy Mae…


Bombing Nauru

Bombing Nauru to take out the phosphate mines used to manufacture ammunition for Japan…

Chapter 10:  Mischief and Duty



“Midway Atoll” by USN – Official U.S. Navy photo 80-G-451086 from the U.S. Navy Naval History and Heritage Command. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons –

Chapter 13:

The Last Landing of the Daisy Mae


Left or Port Side of the Daisy Mae. The Pilot’s Side of the Bomber.

The Daisy Mae is the hero on the sand on July 24, 1943
The Daisy Mae as she miraculously stopped just short of the shark infested waters. Marines and sailors are counting more than 800 bullet and cannon holes. The is the Eastern Island of Midway on July 24,1943

Right Side or Starboard Side of the Daisy Mae: Co-pilot’s Side of the B-24 Bomber

Co-pilot's Side of the Plane
Right Side or Starboard Side of the B-24 Bomber


Chapter 15:

The Second Bombing of Wake Island



July 25, 1943 on Midway Island
The Surviving Heroes of the Daisy Mae at the burial service for their friends on July 25, 1943, their personal day of Infamy.

Chapter 17: Top Secret Revealed


Operation Chow-hound and Operation Manna
“Many Thanks,” spelled out for the Allied Liberators. They are feeding a starving and dying Dutch Nation. Today the Nation has hope…

“Many Thanks” Spelled out in Tulips from a Grateful Dutch Nation.

Chapter 18: Many Years Later…


Fran and Elaine Perkins
Fran and Elaine Perkins, together forever..

“Never underestimate the power of hope.”–Navigator Lt. Benjamin I. Weiss, on the Daisy Mae, on  July 24, 1943 during the Alamo in the Sky.