B-24 Best Web – Famous B-24/PB4Y Crew Members

-24 Best Web – Famous B-24/PB4Y Crew Members.

Click on the  page listed above from B24bestweb.com. It shows many brave men who served on the famous B-24 like the Daisy Mae.

Some of these men have been persecuted or criticized for their political views and all of these men are patriots. They all performed their jobs so we Americans could live to express our political views.

Please visit this site. B-24 Best Web.com has a great deal to offer the reader.

Two of the best known pilots would be the actor Jimmy Stewart and Joseph Kennedy Jr. the older brother of John F. Kennedy, the former President of the United States. He father Joseph Kennedy Sr. was devastated beyond belief when he received the news in 1944 when his son and a co-pilot were flying a Navy aircraft on a secret mission.

Joseph Kennedy envisioned his boy becoming the President of the United States someday. Later John F. Kennedy, a younger son and also a hero in World War II, became President.

The Number 1 Hit Song on July 24, 1943

This is kind of spooky but I researched and found that the song “Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer, ” was the number 1 hit song on July 24, 1943, the same day Daisy Mae was coming in on a wing and a prayer. This song is sung by the original group, the Song Spinners who made it famous.  If you listen closely you will understand why the song fits the story of the Last Flight of the Daisy Mae.

There is also another version sung by Bing Crosby and that is the one I remember best.

Bing also had recorded a song about the 7th Army Air Corp but I could  not find it on the Internet. Our heroes were in the 42nd Squadron 11th Bomb Group 7th Army Air Corp.


A New Secret Weapon before WWII The B-24

Henry Ford was ready before World War II long before Pearl Harbor. rp_cropped-cropped-alamo-300x185.jpgWatch the video and notice all of the B-24 Liberators being manufactured by Yankee know how six months before World War II began.

American engineering and ingenuity took on the unrest in the World and became capable of defending itself and its allies around the globe. This B-24 Bomber performed 24/7 in the long fight and the long flights over the vast Pacific Ocean during World War II.

More information about the missions can be found here.



B-24 Bomber Tail Gunner

You may recognize some of the actors in this training video using live video footage from World War II. This depicts a mission in July of 1943 at the same time the Daisy Mae and crew were fighting in the Pacific.

Click here to watch the video about the life of a tail gunner, (rear gunner) on the B-24 Liberator.

On the B-24D Liberator Bomber called the Daisy Mae, SSgt. Earl W. Conley was the Tail Gunner also know as Rear Turret Gunner.

Hello, This Website is Dedicated to the Crew and Families of the Daisy Mae

My name is Wayne F. Perkins

This site is my research site on my forth coming book, The Last Flight of the Daisy Mae.

The Alamo in the Sky
The Daisy Mae

The story is about the fine crew of the Daisy Mae and focuses on their last bombing mission over Wake Island, on July, 24, 1973.

I hope  you enjoy what is coming.  I am looking for information, stories and pictures related to the 42nd Squadron, 11th Bomb Group, from the Spring and Summer of 1943.

Thank you,


Wayne F. Perkins

” Never underestimate the power of hope,”

Lt. Benjamin I. Weiss, Navigator

The Daisy Mae, July 24,1943