Cabin in the Sky on Memorial Day

Crew from Cabin in the Sky
Crew from Cabin in the Sky

The crew of Cabin in the Sky shown here died when their ship was shot down during the Wake Island Raid on July 24th, 1943. They were the ship directly behind the Daisy Mae. One of the gunners shot an attacking Zero, and the Zero veered off course into one of the B24’s twin rudders sending both planes to the sea.

Daisy Mae tail gunner, Earl Conley watched as Cabin in the Sky spiraled down toward the Pacific 17,000 fee below. No one bailed out of the aircraft as each man knew that if he reached the ocean alive, the Japanese would capture and torture each man before killing him.

Conley watched all of their guns firing toward the swarming  Zeros firing at the Daisy Mae and the remaining four bombers, even as each man knew he was spiraling down to his death. The heroes on Cabin in the Sky went above and beyond their call of duty.

It was only a month earlier, when Conley, Ambur, Perkins, Storts and the rest of the crew of the Daisy Mae were flying Cabin in the Sky on a submarine patrol off the shore of Hawaii.

The men were friends and brothers…

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