B-24 Best Web – Famous B-24/PB4Y Crew Members

-24 Best Web – Famous B-24/PB4Y Crew Members.

Click on the  page listed above from B24bestweb.com. It shows many brave men who served on the famous B-24 like the Daisy Mae.

Some of these men have been persecuted or criticized for their political views and all of these men are patriots. They all performed their jobs so we Americans could live to express our political views.

Please visit this site. B-24 Best Web.com has a great deal to offer the reader.

Two of the best known pilots would be the actor Jimmy Stewart and Joseph Kennedy Jr. the older brother of John F. Kennedy, the former President of the United States. He father Joseph Kennedy Sr. was devastated beyond belief when he received the news in 1944 when his son and a co-pilot were flying a Navy aircraft on a secret mission.

Joseph Kennedy envisioned his boy becoming the President of the United States someday. Later John F. Kennedy, a younger son and also a hero in World War II, became President.

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