Why I Am Writing the Book

Why I am writing this book, The Last Flight of the Daisy Mae.

There are three reasons I am writing this book. I want to honor the men who gave me life. I want to share to the world a story of heroism and hope.  I want to honor my Big Sister Linda, who taught me how to write and left this world too soon.

Honor the men  who gave me life.

I want to honor each of these men who as you will see after you read the book, gave me life. Each of these men through their courage and sense of duty, turned an event in history to a springboard of life through the next four generations in history. I thank these men each and every day for my life, a life that never would have been except for one day, July 24, 1943 when each man made a stand at 17,000 feet during a deadly duel with Japan’s finest airmen.

Share to the world a story of heroism and hope.

This is a story the combatants kept silent even though the event haunted many of them their entire lives. Their sons and daughters never knew how their Dads acted during the most trying time of their lives. They never really knew of one of the most significant events of their lives and how it molded them into the great men and fathers that resulted from just one extraordinary day.

I want  to honor my Big Sister Linda who taught me how to write and left the world too soon.

Linda Elaine Perkins was my oldest sister born in November of 1945, just after World War II. My Dad was just discharged from the Army Air Corps a few days prior to Linda’s emergence in the World and was the happiest man alive at the time. This was his first baby girl and he was resolved to work hard to build a family after witnessing the horrors of war.

As a child Linda  achieved academic success as a Super Honor Roll student, even though she was two years ahead of her class.  She graduated from high school at just 16 years old. She married and had two children and spent the rest of her life raising children and working full time supporting them

She always wanted to write a book and a screen play.

Linda was stricken with a deadly disease and spent the last five years of her life being unable to write anything because of how weak her body became. She could not even pick up a pen or pencil.

I want to make sure this book is perfect because if Linda was writing it, I guarantee it would be perfect. Linda would have built a monument of writing to honor the Dad she loved.

Please help me and Linda  finish a book about her Dad and the other gallant heroes who worked a miracle on July 24, 1943.

I hope you enjoy the book and remember these wonderful people.

Thank you

The Author

Wayne Francis Perkins


“Never underestimate the power of hope.”  Lt. Benjamin I. Weiss Navigator of the Daisy Mae on July 24, 1943.




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A Story of Heroism and Hope at 17,000 Feet