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About the Last Flight of the Daisy Mae

A Story of Heroism and Hope at 17,000 Feet

This website is dedicated to all of the crew and the families of the crew of the Daisy Mae, a B-24D Bomber that flew on an astonishing and inspirational mission during World War II. This book also includes stories about the people who stayed behind and guaranteed our success in winning World War II. They were true heroes as well.

My name is Wayne Perkins. I am the author of the Last Flight of the Daisy Mae: A Story of Heroism and Hope at 17,000 Feet.

Author Wayne Francis Perkins 50 years ago in South Korea

My father Sgt. Francis J. Perkins Jr. was a Ball Turret Gunner assigned to the Daisy Mae, and was just one of the eleven heroes that made a heroic stand at 17,000 feet, above the famous Alamo of the Pacific, Wake Island on July 24, 1943.  There are  actually twelve heroes if you include Daisy Mae herself, and you will consider her a hero, once you read my forthcoming book, The Last Flight of the Daisy Mae.

The idea of writing the book came to me when I was just six years old and I met one of the surviving crew. It took me several years to research and verify the information before publishing the unbelievable, but true inspiration story.

My Special Features Website will take you through the making of the final copy of the book in order give you an inside look of the research and the stories that go on behind the scenes.

I hope you enjoy the ride as you not only learn about the history of this now silent crew but the heroism and hope that they paid forward on one stormy day over the vast Pacific Ocean a long, long time ago.


Wayne Francis Perkins

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A Story of Heroism and Hope at 17,000 Feet