Taking Off

This video shows one of the last flying B-24s taking off in 2013. The flight engineer stands by the number 2 engine as the number 3 and four have already been started. Sgt. Arvid B. Ambur was the flight engineer on the Daisy Mae and started the engines the same way. The fire extinguisher Arvid had would have rested on a two wheel dolly and stood about 5 feet high and weighed 50 pounds.

You will see the flight engineer standing outside the Bomber just like Arvid B. Ambur did back on July 24,1943 on the airstrip located at the Eastern Island of Midway.

When you read the Last Flight of the Daisy Mae, be sure to watch this video to get the sights and sound of the aircraft in your mind.



Visual Tour of a B-24 Liberator

The following Link will take you on a visual tour of a B-24 Liberator.

Daisy Mae is struggling against over 15 Zeros
Daisy Mae is struggling against over 15 Zeros

You can click on links to different areas of what my Dad use to call his Ruptured Duck.  He was in the Grey Geese, 42nd Squadron of the famous 11th Bomb Group stationed in Hawaii and also at Funafuti Atoll during World War II.

I hope you  enjoy your visit on this mighty ship.


Wayne F. Perkins

Author of The Last Flight of the Daisy Mae


“Never underestimate the power of hope.”–Lt. Benjamin I. Weiss Navigator Daisy  Mae July 24, 1943